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Immortals Of Meluha Audio Book Mp3 Free 51 larglen




com Description Immortals of Meluha: The Shiva Trilogy, Book 1 From the bestselling series that has thrilled readers worldwide comes the stunning saga of three generations of powerful warrior women, the Immortals of Meluha. Reign of the Immortals When three goddesses descend to the mortal realm in disguise, they bring along a trove of long-hidden magical artifacts. On the eve of a millennium festival celebrating the marriage of Shiva and Parvati, these relics and their true power are accidentally unleashed. Now the forces of good and evil are irrevocably set in motion, and not even the Eternal Flame can contain the chaos. Revelations of the Immortals At an ominous, magical crossroads, three Immortals--Athri, Tushara, and Immerel--have a vision of the imminent destruction of Meluha. They travel to a faraway land in the Himalayas, where they meet The Kalki, a former student who knows the truth behind the Immortals' enigmatic power. Together, they must race to capture the Eldest One, the one the legends say will be the saviour of Meluha, before it is too late. Against The Grain With an enemy poised to attack from three different fronts, the Immortals return to their home of Meluha. Only Athri, Tushara, and Immerel--the Three, protected by their army of might-wielding spirits, the Deva--stand in their way. The Devas force the Immortals to confront the truth that they will have to sacrifice their most precious possessions--the children they have fathered and cherished--to fight for their beloved land. A shocking revelation propels the Immortals into a perilous battle for Meluha and their own souls. Himalayan Gifts The war escalates. Meluha's enemies are closing in. The Immortals must struggle against the forces of the Evil Shadow and come up with a plan to save their land. But that's not the only battle at hand: Athri must take a stand against her jealous, destructive sister, Tushara must face her own tragic past, and Immerel must make a decision that could split her heart. Himalayan Mala Now in a race against time, the Immortals must reunite, remember their past, and accept a spiritual



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Immortals Of Meluha Audio Book Mp3 Free 51 larglen

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